the County Board of Elections

Upholding Democracy & Public Trust in Geauga County

Promoting Fair & Transparent Elections

The Geauga County Board of Elections serves the citizens of Geauga County by carrying out the duties assigned by the Ohio Secretary of State and the Ohio Revised Code to conduct elections in an orderly and efficient manner and to provide the highest level of courteous service to the public in a manner that is free from all partisan influence.

The Geauga County Board of Elections conducts elections and associated reporting functions in an accessible, ethical, fair, thorough, and transparent manner, so that public trust in the election process is maintained to the highest possible degree.

Michelle Lane

Deputy Director:
Nora McGinnis

Board Members:

Dennis M. Pavella, Chairperson
Joan A. Windnagel
Janet M. Carson

Richard J. Piraino


Regular Board Meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m.

Special Board Meetings are scheduled as needed.